My name is Mia (I won't bother with the 12-syllable last name) and I'm the new czarina of programming. Huh, you say? Basically, that means a big part of my job is making sure we are finding and featuring the best videos in the YouTube universe – your original videos that never cease to amaze me with their creativity, senses of humor and, sometimes, strangeness.

I'm closing in on my second week here, and already I love working at YouTube (and it's not just the Oreos that call my name daily from the pantry behind me). In fact, you might think it's amazing I didn't run from the building on my first day, when I was greeted by an engineer snoring on a couch and I heard about The Rats (who better not touch my Oreos!).

Now I've worked at some pretty neat non-rat-infested places – MTV Networks, Rhapsody and Apple – but rarely have I felt such an immediate connection to the people who actually use the product. We feature a video, and you instantly tell us what you think about it. We can watch you acting silly, see what an awesome drummer you are, meet your whole family, and go deep inside your world on a daily basis. I can't think of anything much cooler than that.

So I'm really excited to be here and hope you'll continue to be as vocal as you are. Click here
to send me an email with suggestions of videos you think we should feature or to tell me about a new clip you've just uploaded or a new talent you've just discovered on the site. We may not be able to feature everything you send us, but we'll certainly pay close attention to what you're thinking and doing. After all, that's the YouTube way!

Yours 'Tube-ly,


The YouTube Team

We love our indie musicians at YouTube. Their spirit, creativity and often raw talent make for some of the best content on our site. I'm always filled with glee when someone tells me they 'discovered' a new band on YouTube. As a life long music junkie and avid supporter of local music scenes I take great personal pleasure in being part of something that can help indie musicians bring visibility to their music in a whole new way. We're constantly working to find new ways for musicians to promote themselves and connect to each other, so it's with great excitement that we announce our first-ever contest – The YouTube Underground (well, besides all those goofy contests we did last year, but nevermind that). It's pretty simple, really: if you're a musician, make a video, enter it in the contest and the YouTube community will vote for their favorites. Four grand prize winners will get a whole lot'o stuff, including:

  • All-new equipment from Gibson Guitar

  • Roundtrip airfare to New York City and lodging

  • Use of Gibson's pimped-out tour bus

  • Appearance on Good Morning America

  • Photo shoots and interviews

  • Video featured on YouTube

  • and of course...the envy of all eyes.

    So go make videos, musicians! This is your chance to shine like the rock star you were always meant to be.


    The YouTube Team

    No doubt you've read the news about the partnership we announced with
    Warner. This is great news for the YouTube community!

    Up front, let me say that the details will be worked out
    with Warner, its recording artists and YouTube over the next few months. Our
    goal is to provide you with the most entertaining service and more creative

    The cool thing is that Warner will be posting top music videos,
    interviews with your favorite artists and behind-the-scenes footage, and
    more. You'll be able to enjoy and share these videos without concern that
    they could be removed.

    What's even better is that Warner is the first record label to
    embrace and support your creativity by authorizing use of their
    music content for free, in partnership with your favorite artists! This new
    architecture will be available by the end of the year. We will have more
    details to share then.

    Meanwhile, we love hearing from you and want to know how we can
    continue to be the best way to share your talent with a growing



    The YouTube Team